Tuesday, 7 January 2014

Tuesday 7th January: Clocks

I have found that clocks bring out many different emotions. For me, clocks are calming and I like the soothing repetition of the ticking, but they also remind me of time that is passing and that really freaks me out. For others, clocks are annoying and the ticking grates on them until they have to remove the batteries. I have even had to hide a ticking clock before because a friend didn't like the noise. 

Clocks can also come in many different forms: an alarm clock, possibly the most hated clock of all time, to a huge and extravagant clock like Big Ben, which 'symbolises' Britain as a nation on all of those quaint British patterned items. The exam clock is another bully to us all, and the stop watch, but I think that perhaps the most hated of all clocks is the invisible one that governs time. You can stop a clock by taking out its batteries, but you can't stop time from carrying on even if you are not going; the fact that you can only have so many ticks is something that frightens me immensely. 

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