Saturday, 11 January 2014

Saturday 11th January: Online Shopping

The ease of online shopping makes it an activity that invites us all to join and frequently has us parting with our money.

I have only recently started getting into online shopping after buying a few items, mostly books, online from Amazon. I have my own debit card, and since I am now earning money, my account is filling up. Online shopping is an appealing concept because you cannot see how much money you're spending, unlike when handing over cash, so you can purchase items without feeling guilty. Additionally, in an unconscious effort to be forever procrastinating, I often find myself perusing the online shopping market, and especially the sales. 

Before I realised what was happening, I had ordered myself an iPad mini, a new bag, a skirt, blouse and a coat. I don't feel guilty, exactly, for my online spending, as it was my own money, after all. But I do know that I won't be buying anything on that card for a while.

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