Sunday, 19 January 2014

Sunday 19th January: Brooklyn Nine Nine

After binge watching thirteen episodes of the show Brooklyn Nine Nine, I can safely say that it is a good show. I am not usually one for police shows; I like some detective shows, but series like The Bill normally don't get me excited. However, the combination of a witty and hilarious Andy Samberg, who is a legend in my eyes for forming The Lonely Island, and his various useless coworkers make the show funny and not as oppressive as many other police dramas.  

The show is mainly centered around Samberg and his relationship with the new head of police in his precinct, a man who resents Samberg's immature style. Other office members include a dorky guy who is hopelessly in love with the threatening Rosa, a useless and yet brilliant office assistant and an emotional unstable, and 6'5" tall, hench police manager who becomes emotional about his children or his fear of holding a gun. The witty one liners and the clear attraction between Samberg and a female coworker/rival Santiago, a woman who is in constant need of attention from the head of police, to whom she sucks up tremendously, create an enjoyable and fast paced show which is easy to watch and is guaranteed to entertain. 

With an incredible 6.17 million viewers watching the first episode air, Brooklyn Nine Nine is sure to keep us all entertained as the season continues.

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