Saturday, 25 January 2014

Friday 24th January: Justin Bieber Arrest

Yesterday Justin Bieber was arrested for driving under influence and drag racing.

Many people do stupid things, such as the crimes that Justin Bieber has done, but when you're Justin Bieber, you shouldn't be doing them. Justin Bieber has one of the biggest followings on the planet; his social media is often the most popular, on many different platforms, and his 'beliebers' are all over the world, not to mention the great number of people who are influenced by him, and who hear about his activities, whether they be beliebers or not.

Somebody with that big an influence should be a role model, not implying that it is okay to drive under influence.

I think that nowadays Bieber knows that he is 'untouchable' and that whatever he does will have no serious consequence, for him anyway. One thing I do not understand is how his fans can support him and 'pray for his release from jail' after his actions could have seriously injured someone. If an ordinary guy had been DUI, most people would agree that punishment and jail time should be enforced, but if that person if Justin Bieber, the game changes and suddenly that crime is acceptable.

Not only did Bieber get arrested, an additional $25 000 has been added to his bail fine because he was 'too horny' to wait until his bail to masturbate, so he just did it in his cell. As much as this irks me, I think the worst thing about Bieber's entire jail fiasco is the fact that he is smiling in his mugshot.

Stop smiling mate, you could have killed someone.

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