Tuesday, 14 January 2014

Tuesday 14th January: Hot Air Balloons

Every year Bristol has a hot air balloon festival. On one of the days all of the balloonists take a flight during the sunrise, and the balloons can be seen, in their thousands, for miles. 

I love hot air balloons. I have never ridden in one, but I like the idea that you can travel without being fully enclosed, like you can actually be in the sky. Hot air balloons are such pretty objects, and their patterns and different baskets allows them to all be unique, which I love. 

However, I am slightly scared of the fact that there is an open flame very close to your head, that there is gas being burned, and that there are no seatbelts. I just have this impression in my mind of what an experience with a hot air balloon would be like; flying in a secure way first, with ropes attached to the ground, and then being released, and floating along in the air to wherever we pleased.

Hot air ballooning is a life resolution, and one that I hope to achieve soon. The hot air balloon festival is in august, and each year I miss it; maybe this year I will get to go.

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