Friday, 10 January 2014

Friday 10th January: Sleep

Sleep is incredibly important to human beings. We rely on sleep to keep our body's energised and to allow our organs to have a rest. Or eight hours of rest.

I love sleeping, but I cannot really say much about it as I generally don't remember being asleep. I like dreaming, and recalling my dreams upon waking up, and if love lying in my bed. No one can deny that sleep is a good thing, especially for the purple shadows that are beginning to appear under my eyes, but one main problem that I have is the ability to fall asleep. 

I cannot sleep in cars, planes, chairs, standing up, with my eyes open, during the day, with the light on or whilst listening to music. For me, falling asleep involves me lying in my bed for forty minutes contemplating random things and general philosophical questions, of course, until I can't remember carrying on or until I have to close my eyes(I have dry eyes syndrome and blepharitis so my eyes always feel dry) and I don't remember to open them. 

Oh sleep, why can't you come easy for me?

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