Saturday, 25 January 2014

Tuesday 21st January: Back Pains

I am not old. I should not be getting back pain.

I guess it is not really a 'bad back' as much as tingling back pain in about twenty minute periods. My back aches when I wake up, sit up, or lie down. I kind of get tingling around my back muscles and shoulders and then it goes to my lower back, especially when I am lying down. As much as this is a woe is me post, I think I could pinpoint to exact causes of my back pain; bad posture and the internet.

The bad posture and the internet are most probaly related, being that I often find myself slouching in from of my laptop for hours at a time. When I go to lie down, my body takes a few minutes to adjust to the straightness, so I often end up lying slightly curled, sort of rocking in the air until I can relax onto my bed. Oh the entirely self-inflicted first world problems of my life.

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