Monday, 20 January 2014

Monday 20th January: Taking Chances

As soon as I read the topic title for today, I thought of Lea Michele belting out Taking Chances on an episode of much-loved Glee. For me, taking chances has always been a hard thing to do. 

I am definitely the kind of person who thinks about the consequences. Sometimes I blurt out statements without thinking, but usually I only do something if it will have the consequences that I desire, or that I don't hate. That is why I am a person who is afraid of 'cringy situations' and moments that will be 'awkward'; I can't stand the idea of being embarrassed (which is odd considering I'm quite an embarrassing person). I think it's because I don't really like to draw attention to myself. Whilst I'm not shy, I am also not going to make outlandish statements or doing stupid inks to get attention. 

A consequence of not wishing to attract attention is that I rarely take chances. I think I'm in love with the idea of being the kind of person who lives life as it comes, and seems truly free. But I could never be that person; every action I do is accompanied with thoughts of the future and the rest of my life. It is actually rather crippling.

I want to take more chances. I think starting small is the best way-take chances of what to order at a restaurant and what nail polish to wear before moving onto going out and living a crazy life. Taking more chances can only be a good thing, I hope.

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