Thursday, 16 January 2014

Thursday 16th January: Jack Wills

Year 8 was the year of Jack Wills. I can still remember going into Jack Wills to buy my first thing from them, in the February half term from school. It was a blue top with the name written in blood oink on the front. It cost me £36 and Mum paid for half of it. I think the main attraction of enshop then was the fact that it was 'designer' because it was more expensive, and that it looked super preppy and university casual cool. 

Since that moment, I have made many more Jack Will purchases. Most for the clothes design themselves, but some because I have tried to buy into the entire Jack Wills image and lifestyle. Back in those year 8 days, buying something from Jack Wills made you someone elite and someone important. In year 9/10 more and more Jack Wills began to appear at school and around and about. Suddenly, it wasn't exclusive anymore. By the time year 11 rolled around, Jack Wills was an embarrassing symbol of the chavs and chavettes that wore it. 

As much as I love some of their clothes, I cannot say that a lot of my money is spent there; except from on bags. Their bags are amazing quality and hold everything without breaking, wholly reccomend! But the trouble with Jack Wills is that it is another shop destined to become places with no fashion influence and no influence from fashion- the styles are similar but with different colour for different season, to give the illusion of change, which is something that must change in order for Jack Wills to have the same allure as it did to my little year 8 self. 

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