Sunday, 5 January 2014

Sunday 5th January: Would you be willing to reduce your lifespan by 10 years to become rich or famous?

Yes. Definitely.

The average lifespan is about 75, I'm a girl, so it's longer, and medicine is improving every day, so I would say that. Even without an extra ten years, my life would be pretty long. Plus, when you're old you can't do as much, so I would rather live my years to the fullest than have an extra ten years sitting on a sofa watching tv. 

Being famous is a pretty standard, childish dream for nearly everyone, but it is not the fame that I would want. With fame comes publicity, and then intrusion and then your life would not be your own anymore. I would want to be rich so that I could spend the money of living how I wanted. I would travel and see all of the places that I desire, fill the entire map if I wanted to. I would set my family up with a lifestyle that suits them, and then I would just go crazy.

Who needs ten years being old if you can have 40+ crazy years living with no worries or responsibilities?

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