Monday, 6 January 2014

Monday 6th January: Libraries

I feel like Belle from Beauty and the Beast whenever I go to the library, although our public libraries aren't nearly that cool. 

I love to read, especially young adult novels, and I love free things: the library is a place to borrow books for free, and I'm all over it. It does creep my over sensitive about hygiene mind  little bit because of all of the used books, and frankly, libraries smell disgusting, but I love the idea that so many other people have enjoyed the same books. We are all brought together by a love of the same authors, genres and stories; I like that the art of storytelling is so universal and accessible to all. 

I like that in a place that is so public, we can all leave with a different interpretation of the same tale, and a unique view of a story. Someone left a note in a library book that I borrowed once, and it made me feel so involved in the story and the fact that others have enjoyed it too. 

I personally feel that all libraries should arrange their books in a similar fashion to my own bookcase: rainbow colour order, but even without the brightness of book covers, there is always something to smile about in the library(even if it is just at the cute old people).  

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