Tuesday, 28 January 2014

Monday 27th January: Nigella Lawson

I love Nigella Lawson's recipes. Her food is always delicious, especially tye sweet treats. But I have a massive issue with her TV show.

Her older episodes were entertaining, but as she became more popular, the producers really tapped into the 'sexy' older woman idea, and now she is clearly made to be somewhat of a wanton woman. Her kitchen is totally red, and at the end of each episode we see her come downstairs in a silky robe finding a midnight snack. To be honest, I actually pity the fact that this makes her look really greedy.

Not only does her voice grate on me, but the language that she uses is riduliculous. She spouts an unbelievable amount of bullshit made up words, but her convincing tone makes them seem real. And she does not need to use the word scrumptuous every five minutes.

The final thing that irks me about her show, though it is no fault of her own, is the filming. The set is very dark, and the camera is so zoomed in that it must follow every movement around, leading to a shaky screen image that undoubtably gives  me a headache each time that I watch.

Come on Nigella: I love you, but I can't take your show any longer.

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