Saturday, 25 January 2014

Saturday 25th January: Avicii, True

Swedish DJ and music producer Avicii has truly blown me away with his debut album True, released in 2013.

The album, peaking in the top five album charts in 14 countries, features Avicii's always catchy dance tunes with multiple layered synths and vocals from a plethora talented, and often 'undiscovered' singers. Many of his featured vocals are unaccredited, which I personally think is a shame, as all of the singers in the album are heavenly to listen to. My favourites include Karen Marie Ørsted(or MØ, as is her stage name)'s vocals in the song Dear Boy, and Peter Dyer featuring in a few of the album tracks.

Avicii labels Wake Me Up, the best selling single from True, as a fun experiment, and it could be said that this description holds true for the rest of the album. This full-length album contains 12 creative sons which all have their steady beat, and light drop in common, as well as their steady, foot tapping rhythms.

Avicii has successfully explored different genres of music in this album, moving away from just electronic and house music, and including samples from genres such as country. Avicii's music has become globally popular thanks to the release of this album, and I hope to see many more of his tracks released on the same, or even better talent level and gaining the same commendation as this incredible album in the future.

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