Friday, 3 January 2014

Friday 3th January: 2013

2013 started with a crazy night of partying on Waterloo Bridge (...with my mum) to welcome in the year by watching the fireworks. I remember the atmosphere being incredible; it was definitely one of the coolest things I did in 2013. 

The next four months consisted of my passing three science exams and hurriedly trying to finish my art projects to be handed in. Completing my art coursework has been one of my proudest moments - not because of the 'fantastic' quality of my art, but because I pulled myself up from the pile of shit that I had been in in Year 10 and worked my ass off to finish that portfolio. I was also vegetarian for a whole year (March 2012-13), finishing at the very end of March, in order to 'save some animals'. When my vegetarianism had been going on for one year, I decided to take up the new challenge of a year long journal (one which I am still writing in!).

Most of April consisted of procrastination, but I did go to my first ever house party, which I was freaking out about: I had a great time (I tried not to show how 'cool' I felt😃), and have since been to a few more. At the end of April I had an interview for a tutoring job, which I got, and I am still working there. I feel really chuffed that I am their only employee who was hired before getting their GCSE results and before turning 16! 

The months of May and June were dominated by exams; I am glad that I finally sorted my revision technique - mind maps of tonnes of information. Around the middle of June I had a falling out with Hazel about a trip to the zoo (it was one of my 2013 resolutions) because she had already agreed to go with her boyfriend. We barely spoke for two months, and I'm not sure that I even regret it. I regret that it was a bit petty, but she actually hurt me by choosing her boyfriend over me. Prom was at the  end of June, and it was a great night! I wish that I'd made a bit more of an effort on the hair and makeup side (I think I underestimated the 'getting ready' time), but the night was good and I had so much fun talking and dancing and taking pictures in the photo booth with everyone! 

The most memorable part of July was my trip to Emsworth with my closest girlfriends. We had such a funny time, and the weather was so hot, so we stayed by the 'beach' most of the time! I wish that I had been a bit less reserved and self conscious on the trip; I admit, I have a 'cringe' issue - I think that I let the fear of doing something cringy or witnessing something cringy stop me from really having a good time, and I am going to try to stop that in this year. 

The beginning of August saw me venture to Cuba for a family holiday. I had such a great time, the hotel was beautiful and it was right on the beach, and I really enjoyed seeing all the hot foreign guys... ahem... I mean, going on a horse riding trip with the slowest horse alive. The rest of August consisted of me celebrating my GCSE results; me, mum and grandma cried when I got them(to be honest, I worked my butt off, I think I deserved them), and then working and seeing friends. I also went on my first day out in London without a parent to go shopping, and it felt awesome. 

In September I started Sixth Form doing English Literature, French, English Language and Geography. I quickly changed English Language to Philosophy and Ethics, a change which has definitely been for the better. I can honestly say that I love going to all of my lessons and I actually love learning all of the new things, especially in French ❤️ Hazel left for university at the end of September and despite the hellish ride up in the jam packed car, it is nice to see her go off on her own and have a great time, and I do miss her (only a bit). October was a bit of a blur. November was good and bad; school started up again and I was getting really involved with that, and I started to volunteer at a local Saturday school for French speaking children. I also made it onto the school council and became a prefect. Then I had the inevitable confrontation with Dad about his *lack* of parenting, which, after my in hysterics at the front door and a shouting match, ended with me hating his guts, and not wanting anything to do with him. 

December has definitely been the best month of the year. It started with a week long trip to Italy for a Comenius project, that was too incredible to even put into words. I made so many new friends, experienced the Italian culture in a big way and enjoyed the freedom of a 'grown up' school trip (and without paying for any of it!). It has given me wanderlust, in a big way. The trip was certainly the best thing that I did in 2013 and possibly ever.

The rest of December was a tad dull compared with Comenius, but I finished school with a stack of sheets and overdue work (...oops), and relaxed into a comfortable holiday mode. December also got me into house music, progressive house to be exact; it has always been something that I have hated, and now I actually really like it (especially Avicii and Martin Garrix)! Christmas was at the grandparents house, which was, as it usually is, stressful and yet boring at the same time, but I got some lovely presents (namely tickets to see You Me At Six from Hazel, which I may have cried at when I opened them... it was really sweet of her!). In the last few days of the year I finally upgraded my Toco Lite for a sleek S4, which I love, and I treated myself to an iPad mini (it payed for it with my earnings - I deserve it!). 

I partied the end of the year away with my friends, which turned out to be a hilarious evening and a pretty good start to 2014. 

2014, bring it on.

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