Thursday, 9 January 2014

Thursday 9th January: Bubble Baths

The relaxing idea of a bubble bath with foaming water and a soft, candle-lit glow has always appealed to me. However, I have never been able to execute it.

I was denied the candles by my mother due to my obvious 'retardishness' with anything hot/burning, and quite frankly, I get very sweaty in bubble baths. One might think that the water would cool you but for me, it makes me flustered and hot. Prune fingertips are also a negative as well as the fact that you have to stand up and go in the shower to wash your hair after having a bath, so you may as well have skipped the bath all together. 

These are merely minor annoyances blown out of proportion by my over exaggerated sarcasm, but the one thing that I cannot abide is the sound created when the bubbles pop. Lying down in the bath suddenly becomes hell and you have nowhere to escape to, you simply have to sit there and listen to the Rice Krispies of bathtubs without the benefit of eating tasty cereal. 

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