Friday, 14 February 2014

Wednesday 12th February: Instagram

For Christmas four years ago I recieved an iPod touch, 2nd generation. I wasn't really into apps, but I did love the twitter and Instagram apps. I quicly made accounts and tarted posting. Owe thing led to another and the amount of Justin Bieber fan fictions surfacing on twitter caused me to delete that account, and the fact that my trusty iPod lacked a camera promoted me to question the purpose of me having the Instagram app, therefore I deleted it. 

Fast forward four years and the world is mad for Instagram, whereas back in its original day, barely anyone had heard of it. Upon the purchase of my new phone late last year, I reinstalled the Instagram app, and began posting. But there are now so many more 'rules' to Instagram than there was before. My much too hipster sister has informed me that my account is an embarrassment and that one should never have more posts than followers. To be honest, I feel like I just want to post pictures that I like, overly emotional tumblr quotes and as many selfies as I see fit, but my sister does have a point. 

Instagram has changed into more of a popularity contest than a cool place to share what you like.

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