Saturday, 1 February 2014

Saturday 1st February: Organising

The amount I detest cleaning is unreal, but it is almost parallel to the amount that I detest mess. Work that one out. 

My room is nearly always messy because I just cannot be bothered to clean it up. However, when I do finally get to cleaning it, it normally involves me hanging up my clothes and organising my makeup for about two hours. I think that my problem is that I just get to distracted by all of my other stuff that I fail to clean the messy stuff. 

The only exception to my disdain for organising comes with rainbow colour. If ever there is a chance to order items in rainbow colour, then I will be right there. My entire bookshelf is rainbow coloured, as are my pens and nail polishes, I love the vibrancy that it brings to my white room. And anyone who tells me that I'm a loser for that is a loser themselves.

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