Friday, 14 February 2014

Saturday 8th February: Stormy Skies

The wind is literally howling outside my window. 

For the past week, and possibly for the next eternity, Britain has been in a state of dismay and disarray at the weather. The rain is incessant and the flooding is getting really bad, which is worrying. My house is on a 'hill' so it is never affected by flooding, but oh how the rains and wind batter down on the slanted ceiling windows. Even the short walk to school is horrendous. 

And as much as I've to hate to say it: Britain does need to get a grip. My complaints are merely me complaining for the sake of complaining, but the fact that Cameron can sit up on his high horse and proclaim to the sodden population that it's raining just proves that the flooding is not the only problem we are facing.

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