Friday, 7 February 2014

Friday 7th February: Miley Cyrus

2013 was the year that the world had a coronary over Miley Cyrus. This undeniable freak out over the young singer was undoubtedly prompted by her numerous 'rebellious acts' of 2013, including her cutting all of her long brown hair into a short, boyish bleached crop, her excessive use of twerking and drug references, and that performance with Robin Thicke.

Miley changed in 2013, but contrary to popular opinion, I think that it was for the better. A lot of people saw the 21 year old star as only Hannah Montana, her childhood character on the Disney TV show of the same name. The fact that her name on the show was Miley and that her Dad was portrayed be her actual father just contributes to the idea that that was Miley's life rather than simply a character that she played.

As a follower of the entire Hannah Montana series, I must admit that I was shocked when she suddenly changed what I assumed to be her entire life. However, I believe that by breaking the stereotype of the Disney child star, Miley has been able to achieve so much more, creatively, and by way of success. As much as one could say that Miley's music is now only about sex and drugs, as emphasised by some of her latest music videos, one could also look beyond the surface of her music and be faced with brilliant songs bursting with real emotions, and sometimes even a serious political or moral message. These genius themes combined with meaningful lyrics and catchy-beyond-compare riffs have meant that her most recent album, Bangerz, moved straight to the top of the American album chart for three weeks.

Miley's soulful and almost desperate voice compliments the hip-hop tunes of the album, and her surprising rap skills add an interesting new element to this album, one that I have had on repeat for longer than I am willing to admit. Yes, there are criticisms on her actions, but personally, Miley is young, it is her life and her body, and who are we to judge somebody having fun living life to the fullest and creating incredible music at the same time?

In my eyes, Miley can twerk for as long as she likes.

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