Monday, 3 March 2014

Thursday 20th February: Borough Market

I love Ina Garten, on the cooking show Barefoot Contessa. She is hilarious, overweight, uses about twenty sticks of butter in everything, and her husband is literally the cutest thing.

In an episode where she was in London, Ina visited Borough Market, a food market in Central London near tower bridge. Yesterday I went there, and it was so cool! the market was a lot smaller than I'd imagined, but I guess that it's because we went on a Wednesday. The stalls were all selling the freshest food and gorgeous, colourful fruits and vegetables.

For lunch I ate a scotch egg which had been fried there and then with some sweet potato fries, which was made all the more delicious by the gorgeous guy that served it to me!

A great trip out!

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