Monday, 3 March 2014

Saturday 1st March: Three Months Since Italy

On the 1st December I travelled to Rimini, Italy with school for the Comenius project with a school from France and from Germany, as well as the Italian school.

The week was incredible, it was literally one of the best weeks of my life. I have actually just found my initial review of the week, and in honour of it being three months since I went(I want to go back!), I thought I would share it.

I think that the activities that we did were a bit rubbish. I enjoyed the free time the best :) We went to a congress centre which was a bit weird and pointless thing to go to, but I enjoyed the unusual things the best: we went to this exhibition of a 'mysterious plane crash' and it had no explainations(the guide discussed it with us) which I found interesting.
"I also really enjoyed the amount of freedom that we were given. We didn't have to report our presence constantly, and we were given free evenings and lunchtimes to hang out together and do what we wanted. It felt more like we were involved in their lifestyle  because we were given chances to do things that they actually do, for example, we all walked to this new shopping centre, and we all went out into the city.
I think the best part of it all was actually just the people we met. Everyone was so friendly and nice- the hosts were so hospitable(they were like another family) and it was so nice to mix with people from other countries too. The French people were so nice, and the Germans were friendly, too. I have so many memories now of hilarious moments- I don't think there was ever a time when I wasn't crying of laughter.
I am actually really depressed that I will not get to see some of the people I've met again, but I am looking forward to next year (for when they all come back) so much! I think that if I had to change anything, I would say that it would have been good to have a party on the first night so that we could lose all of our awkwardness straight away, as well as one to say goodbye on the last night- but obviously this is something organised by us, not the teachers. Also, more free time; It was so nice to chill out as a big group! Obviously, it would have been better if we had stayed for a few weeks more- it would be good to have done it during school holidays, and then we could have added on more time if we wished. But these comments are really pathetic when considering the amazingness of the whole project- it is hard to look for things to improve."

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